Sounds that Emerge from the Silence

Sound & Image by Mehmet Göklen

The world is going through a strange time... Noise we have grown so accustomed to have died down and made place for sounds we didn’t have the presence of mind to hear before.

The nature. The birds.

I have recorded the sounds on this postcard around my house during lockdown. The crisis we are going through have given us the time and space needed to be more reflective and hear the world in a new way. As the din of our daily chaos quieted down and made space for gentler sounds, maybe this will be a reminder for us of the other creatures we cohabit this planet with and show us the frailty of our set ways. I am sending these voices along with this postcard so that you can hear them too: sounds that emergence from the silence.

Mehmet Göklen, June, 2020.

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Sound Postcard - Sounds that Emergence from the Silence Sound Postcard - Sounds that Emergence from the Silence

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