Full Ears

Image: Anastasia Markelova
Sound Collage: Emily Warner, Lottie Sadd
Anna Horton Cremin, Natalia Franklin Pierce,
Juliet De Little, Nikita Rasskazov, Daniela Geraci, Sunny Vowels, Hang Zhang, Stacey McGonigal,

From reverse of postcard:

“This Sound Postcard is a product of some Deep Listening workshops that I led during the first months of lockdown. The workshops explored the listening practice of Pauline Oliveros, and included a group of participants from al over the world. They can be heard in a sound improvisation on the reverse. The image is from a sound-drawing by Anastasia Markelova from St Petersburg.”

Alex De Little

Hand-made and recorded on a Cartavox machine by Aleks Kolkowski. June 2020.

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Sound Postcard - Full Ears Sound Postcard - Full Ears

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