The sound postcards featured on this website recreate the bygone practice of recording voice messages and sounds on picture postcards that are playable on a turntable. Produced during the Covid-19 lockdown in the Spring of 2020 by a mixed group of people spread across the U.K., Singapore, Italy and Turkey, many of these unique sound postcards respond and refer to the changed circumstances caused by the pandemic, while others playfully reinterpret the medium. The sounds and images presented here have been captured, composed and edited by the individual creators, the finished postcards hand-made using a special process and the sound grooves engraved on a 1957 Cartavox machine designed for the recording of sound postcards. Staying true to the postcard's intrinsic purpose as a means of communication, they were exchanged among the group using the postal system as a way to share creativity during a time of physical separation. Each may be viewed by visiting the Postcards section on this site which also gives further information on their content and postal journeys, and listened to via the bespoke Postcard Player.

These newly-made artefacts are the fruits of a workshop led by composer and phonographer Aleks Kolkowski as part of the Sonic Futures project at the at the National Science and Media Museum, Bradford, led by the University of Nottingham and funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council.

Sound Postcard Player

Listen to the sound postcards on the sound postcard player.

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Digital representations of these sound postcards contained on this website as well as the virtual sound postcard player are protected under the Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivatives 4.0 license